Teachers, spreading lies about Ukraine will be dismissed



Odessa, October 10, 2014

Tatyana Lazareva, the director of the Department of Education and Science of the Odessa Regional State Administration, said at a briefing on how, and for what article was dismissed teacher of school No40, who

said separatist statements. Also, the official shared her vision of what should be the future Ukrainian teacher.

The reason for the briefing was that in Odessa school No40 teacher in the classroom, talking to students, opposed the statehood of Ukraine, and told untrue stories about the murder of civilians Donbass people

by Ukrainian military. However, it is unclear where she took the story, which she told her disciples. Pupils recorded her statements and made ​public. Based on this evidence, she was fired by Art. 36 – “By agreement

of the parties.” Tatyana Lazareva noticed that if the teacher did not agree to her departure from the school voluntarily, she would have been fired for “immoral deed”.

When this fact has been told by the press, the Department of Education and Science has received during 3 days 19 complaints of “separatist” behavior of teachers. Checking all these facts showed that there

are no reasons for the action. Tatyana Lazareva cited several examples – one teacher’s husband works in Russia, and the other 10 years ago, received the Pushkin Prize from the Russian consul, in one of the school

children first-graders with colored balls randomly formed the Russian tricolor.

This, according to the director of the Department of Education and Science, says that there is no “witch hunt” in the region, and will not be. Will be punished only those who really deserve it. Yet it has been an

isolated incident. And for the dismissal of the teacher were 100% of the bases.

Now, in those difficult conditions, in what is Ukraine today, according to Tatyana Lazareva, it is necessary to change the laws of Ukraine on Education. Firstly, prepare patriots of their country, which would be taught

to love Ukraine. This is even more important than actually studying itself. And it’s very good that in general, the teachers of Odessa and region are very fond of Ukraine.

For the Teacher’s Day the chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Igor Palitsa organized a concert for teachers of the region in Odessa Opera House. Were invited more than a thousand people. For

teachers sang Alexander Ponomarev. And, according to Tatyana Lazareva, many Ukrainian songs teachers sang together with the singer and with tears in their eyes. It perfectly shows their patriotic spirit, that they

are supporters of united and peaceful Ukraine.

Odessa did not break, though everyone thought it rocked. But it turned out that the residents of Odessa love their city, they want peace, want to live in Ukraine, in a happy and peaceful country. They love to

Ukraine is the same, though they speak different languages. To date, there is Ukraine, and Odessa is in it.

But history is history, and no one allowed breaking it. Deal with it should experts and professionals, not politicians.