Terrorists, who fired on the checkpoint, were hiding behind civilians


Press secretary of Navy Commander Oleg Chubuk commented at a briefing on shelling of the checkpoint near Odessa. He said that on the night of September 25, there was an attempt to blow up a checkpoint in Mezhlimanie. Unidentified shot at the checkpoint of the hand-held antitank grenade launcher. Given the fact that the attack on the checkpoint was at the side of the village – return fire was not opened. At night arrived Law Enforcement Officials, countersabotage group, now it is under investigation. Fortunately, there were no injuries; the grenade hit the strengthening of sandbags. People and technology are not affected.

At the checkpoint were serving Navy and representatives of the regional Police. A similar case occurred in July near the village Koshary. Oleg Chubuk reported that the hurt soldier has already been treated and discharged from the hospital.