The guards at the monument of the Unknown Sailor are patriots of Ukraine



Odessa, October 30, 2014

Oleg Denisov, lieutenant commander, teacher, head of Point №1, told at news briefing that the schools carry out serious work on patriotic education. Children understand that Ukraine is a unite country. Children are constantly showing on the events that they respect their country.

Point №1 at the monument to the Unknown Sailor was organized 46 years ago. The guys that are out there learn to be patriots of our hero-city and our country. Besides actually incurring the guard on duty, children are engaged in the four study groups, participate in the work of the military museum of the search.

The guys are working with military units. Visit the ships, relocated from the Crimea, meet with pupils from the Crimea, who sang the anthem of Ukraine before the invaders, and now studying in Odessa. Carried with them drill, fire, weapons training. The guard at the post carry 41 people. In the groups there are 15-20 people in each.

Each day, the guys raise the flag and sing the anthem. They do not just stand guard, they feel that they serve our country, proudly sing the anthem of Ukraine, with the soul. At each point guard stands for 20 minutes. In bad weather are held conversations, acquainted with guns, watching movies about the Ukrainian Army. Meet with midshipmen, officers, cadets of fleet, and many, with the end of the school decide to become a naval officer.