The inhabitant of Odessa initiates reform of the school system



Dmitry Zhdanov, the head of a section – Methodist of Odessa center of youth creativity “Eureka”, and the coordinator of the public initiative «ODESSA INCOGNITA» said at a briefing on its proposals to reform the

education system in the country.

Specialist working in the education system for 14 years and says that it is sufficient, problematic and is in a systemic crisis.

This can be judged based on the findings of an independent director Igor Liharchuk, who analyzed the results of testing and analysis showed that the knowledge of graduates and students are very low.

The education system is overloaded with government officials. At the same time they reduce teachers. Although in the first place should reduce staff of district and regional educational institutions.

For example, each district has its own methodological study. There are many people whose presence raises serious questions. After all, a Methodist should be a cut above the teacher, but in reality they give teachers’

work for their. Therefore it is necessary to eliminate the district methodical studies, translating the best of them in the Central Regional methodical study.

The country has a huge problem with the quality of textbooks. We need to check those who are responsible for reviewing textbooks. They have a lot of errors; they are not understandable for students and are not

consistent with the program in other subjects.

Bad textbook says that his reviewer put his signature for a bribe or because of incompetence. In the first case such an official must be condemned, in the second – fired for incompetence, like the one boss that

hired him.

Also in Ukraine, there is a big problem with textbooks. Often, they are not approved by the Ministry of Education, contain many inaccuracies and errors. Such books should not be allowed to be published.

This is a situation where all the best teachers go to work in high school, the worst, footage forced to go to the low and often their lack of professionalism just weaning children to think themselves. Therefore, the

qualification of teachers should be tested and those who does not match – dismissed.

Such stringent measures must be accompanied by an increase in teachers’ salaries, which should not be lower than the average office worker. Based on the current situation in the country, a young teacher must

receive at least 3 thousand UAH, teacher-methodologist – about 6 thousand. For the country here would be useful experience of Odessa, in which all teachers receive a 20% premium to the salary from the

municipality. Also, the salary of the teacher should depend on the kind of knowledge that his disciples show. Their titles and categories, teachers should regularly verify.

You can enter the system when the parents and students themselves could choose the teacher with whom the child will learn. This would influence the salary of the teacher, would motivate them.

For professional growth.

The concept of summer school vacation needs to be reformed. Officials are telling about that almost all the children have been in the summer on recreation, and in fact they were forced to spend all their time in the

same stuffy dusty classrooms. This “rest” must be replaced by visiting summer school.

Taken a lot of good laws, but they are treated differently local. In 2007, passed a law that teacher, whose students have achieved success in their studies, should receive an allowance. But for many years in Odessa

it is not paid.

Universities are willing to cooperate with schools on the theme of the Small Academy of Sciences. But schools do not tend to cooperate. Jurors do not know what the criteria to assess the work of students. SAS

allows identifying talented children and is very important. It should be more serious about this competition.

In order to assess skill needs skilled Methodists and we have such. With private schools all depends on the particular school. Somewhere provide an excellent education, teachers can express themselves and get a

decent salary, and elsewhere teacher even more powerless than in public.

That there was no teachers’ burnout at work, it is necessary to motivate teachers to develop as professionals, to create a favorable psychological atmosphere at work, to minimize the number of conflicts

in the team and the school administration. Teacher, before he will be allowed to work, must obtain the opinion of a psychologist.