The truce is just an excuse for Russia to accumulate strength for a new attack on Ukraine

mykolay semeniaka

Odessa, March 2, 2015 -Nikolai Semenyaka, commander of the Second Afghan assault company of the battalion “Aidar” said at a briefing about the truce in the ATO zone.


Now the division of “Aidar”, headed by Nikolai Semenyaka holds positions on the 29 checkpoint. It is close to the 31 and 32 checkpoints for which were very heavy fighting. February 15 in Minsk were signed peace agreements, but two days separatists did not stop shooting and only 17 of February massive shelling ceased. On the side of the Russian Federation there was a rotation and now they are preparing intensively. About that it will continue to be truce, will be performed Minsk agreements, fighters of “Aidar” do not believe. This is not the first truce, and opponent always breaks it. Terroristic “LPR” is located a mile from the Ukrainian position, and there are built in full reinforced concrete capital strengthening. This confirms that the enemy is preparing not to peace but to war.


The terrorists use the truce to regroup and lift arms ammunition.


Compared with the war in Afghanistan, this war is much worse. Because the Russian army has a lot of heavy weapons. Especially because not all fighters obey to the same so-called “authorities of LPR” and the Russian Federation. Cossacks are saying that they are themselves, and not going to stop and go further.


According to Nikolai Semeniaka, the Ukrainian Army has just begun to form. Now really seen that there is an army – have artillery cover, the adjustment. Yes, the occasional projectile can fly from us, mistakes do happen. But purposely to shoot at civilians, is definitely ruled out. Terrorists really hammering and do not hesitate, it is an indisputable fact.


Many at Donbas are beginning to understand, who shelled civilian towns and villages. Until recently, local, despite the shelling, were still against Ukraine. And only now these people beginning to understand and ask the Ukrainian Army not to leave.


Their children are starting to stutter. They go to live in the cellar, strengthen them.


First, people in the village Krymskoe were afraid of the Ukrainian military. Then came grandfather of 80 years, asked whether they, too, will rob as “militia”. He was explained that this will not be and then Ukrainian soldiers came there. And only after that people started to show from their houses.


Not far from the position of “Aidar” are located orphanage and a nursing home. Ukrainian soldiers help them regularly. In nursing home the aid, according to Nikolai Semenyaka, brought the year ahead. Help soldiers and families of their dead brothers. With each paycheck they collect 500 UAH, which are then distributed between the relatives of the dead soldiers, who need help.


In “Aydar” now there is an organizational problem – battalion commanders cannot share power. Several people consider themselves as battalion commander. Themselves fighters obey to the battalion commander Eugene Ptashnik, who was appointed by leadership of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. To the soldiers, according to Nikolai Semeniaka, no matter who is the battalion commander. The main thing that was the order. And now the order became more. Particularly with regard to the documentation. Now fighters formalized contract service, prescribe the necessary help. Because there are still people who have fought for six months, were issued only since January 28. And they have to prove that fought before, that were injured. Ptashnik tries, regulates and organizes it. Ukrainian troops actually withdrawn heavy weapons, the other party just relocated, the technique is now sent to Mariupol, in other places. The Russian equipment is not withdrawn. If they go, there will be surrender of areas. The agreements had to prescribe that the first steps should make Russia and then Ukraine.


Russian enginery there is a lot. They are able almost around the clock to shell our positions, roadblocks. Ammunition is from the so-called “humanitarian aid”.


Nikolai Semenyaka commented on the rumors that the fighters of “Aidar” tried to smuggle in Kiev large quantity of weapons to destabilize the country. Of course, the men volunteer battalions like not all actions of the government and the president. But they know that they now must defend Ukraine in Donbas, on the front. If they accept any actions of disagreement, it will be only peaceful. Now, in front of external threat they are not up to sort things out in the country. On the contrary, according to the company commander, now we need to unite, not to sort things out.


In general, the weapons were brought to Ukraine a lot and when the war is over – Nikolai Semenyaka thinks it will be a big problem in our cities. But after the war, the soldiers from the front, will surely ask the government about what they want to hear the answers, but will do so in a civilized and peaceful way. “Aidar” people and all the Ukrainians have to go all the way with dignity, because the whole world is watching.