There is no hepatitis in Odesa water

ekaterina voliansky,


Odesa, March 23, 2015 – Kateryna Volyanska, head of sanitary department of the main department of the state sanitary-epidemiological service in Odesa region and Anatoly Polishchuk, head of the laboratory of “Infoxvodokanal” at the briefing denied the rumors about the presence in Odessa tap water HCV.


Kateryna Volyanska said that false information has continued to spread across the country. But no evidence that the water that is supplied to the population of Odesa and the region has any causative agents of infectious diseases is present. Water intake station “Dniester” is working normally. Water is fully consistent with state standards.


The situation on the incidence of infectious diseases in Odesa region is stable. The number of cases to acute intestinal infection last week fell by 7%, the week before last reduction was 14%. Single cases of hepatitis and their statistics are no different from those of previous years.


Every day regional SES takes no less than 10 water samples in Odesa.


anatoly polischuk

Anatoly Polishchuk said that his company has two laboratories. The first controls point in the water intake and at the outlet after disinfection. In the day is taken about 40 water samples. Laboratory works round the clock and seven days a week.


The second laboratory is located directly in Odesa. It takes a day for about 20 assays. Samples were taken in the area of ​​clusters of kindergartens and schools. To date, no viral contamination in tap water is revealed.


The pump-water from the tap is characterized by the presence of hardness. Rate is 7 mmol / liter. In Odesa, in tap water, this figure varies from 3 to 5.5 millimoles / liter. But the presence of plaque on the kettle or pot does not mean that water is poor, these are hardness salts, which are in any natural water.


Water disinfection is now using hypo sodium chloride, which replaced the chlorine. Its vapors as chlorine escape into the atmosphere. The advantages of this material is the fact that it has a detoxifying aftereffect, even after it is completely evaporate, the water is not exposed to infection for some time, enough to get to consumers. Anatoly Polishchuk said that the decontamination procedure does not sterile water, it is a living organism and so it gets to the inhabitants of Odesa. Water is disinfected round the clock in the same mode.