To avoid fire, to eat and do not get crazy – the main desires of people in Donbas


Odessa, November 13, 2014

Marina, a refugee from Gorlovka, said at a briefing that the state, when projectiles are flying on you, cannot be compared to anything else. People start new phobia, growing fear of silence. People walk the streets with guns, strange appearance, nationality and unclear objectives. People only talk about how to manage with fear. Some people do not turn on the TV for days, someone drinks a sedative, and some use tools more serious.
Now residents of Gorlovka seek three things: how not to fall under attack, where to get food or money for it and how not to go crazy from it all. There are no shortages of goods in the stores, but the problem is that most do not have the money.
Shops are open until 17:00. At 9 pm curfew begins, which lasts until 6 am. At this time, you cannot walk the streets. Otherwise you will be taken to the basement.
It all started with banal meetings under the Executive Committee. The first victim – the deputy of city council Volodymyr Rybak, he did not allow to remove the flag of Ukraine. Then he was found murdered under Slavyansk. On the meeting were mostly young people, and not local. The last mayor fell. He did as he can, supported order and infrastructure. But in the end, got into the cellars of “DPR”. The Police, immediately and without question, went over to separatists. All pro-Ukrainian-minded people either quickly fled or hid and did not show their views.
Salaries in the city pays only one company – concern “Styrol”. Other enterprises are closed. Pensioners were restructured to Artemovsk. They go there for pensions, a sort of pension tourism.
Half of the children go to school. For example, in the class of Marina’s nephew is studying 16 children out of 30. The school year began Oct. 1. Moreover, when the opening was held, started firing. Hospitals are working, but there are problems with antibiotics and painkillers. For medicines you have to travel to neighboring cities, which controls Ukraine.