Ukrainian Army is ready to defeat the separatists and start fighting against internal enemies


Vladimir Malofeev, a member of the Maidan, a senior lieutenant AFU, ATO participant, said at a briefing on the situation in the combat zone, the mood of our soldiers and relations with the local population.


The officer in the commencement speech warned that he would not speak on behalf of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but on his own. He made his way into the Army as a volunteer with 5 times. Do not want to take because of age. Relationship of volunteers and soldiers to military commissariats is negative. Volunteers, they do not pass, but caught and dragged to lasso those, who do not want to serve. Then with such people in the Army there are problems.


Vladimir Molofeev says that our soldiers at the front feel the strength to defeat the separatists and then ready fuel to go to Kiev and encourage the authorities finally reinventing itself in the country, or remove them. Third Maidan, he said, it will be without sticks and wooden shields, and with a real weapon. After all, people went to Maidan – to change the power radically, and not to replace the head.


The rotation is carried out at the front, but not always on time. Especially heavy fatigue is not physical, but moral. Especially when there is so-called truce. Especially disliked among the soldiers order that they are called to himself, “no bullet should left the barrel”. This is perceived as a betrayal. But the boys, according to the officer, found a way out. They go to the roadblock of separatists and do not violate the order. After all, about knives in the order does not say anything.


Why go to the ATO volunteers? As told Vladimir Malofeev, they do not want to return the Soviet Union. I’m not a young man, I remember it, live in USSR, and willing to do everything to prevent it. And in Kiev military are willing to go to do, finally, so that people can live a normal life, not just to look at the change of presidents-clowns. Military, according to the officer, are very grateful to volunteers, without which, according to the officer, the Army and the country would no longer be. Official supply there is, but very strange. Such as ensuring their unit they sent ankle boots shoes size 41-42, despite the fact that the majority of fighters have foot size larger. Weapons and vehicles also send understaffed.


According to Vladimir Molofeeva, the reason for this is not only irresponsibility and stupidity of rear service. Most likely, some high-ranking officers, managers supply in collusion with the separatists and so want to undermine and demoralize the mood of Ukrainian Army. But our soldiers are fighting with this. On the ground connection is already established private, so that, if necessary, shoes can be exchanged for the right size, and obtains the necessary parts. But in Kiev at the helm of the Army for the most part remained the same, who has successfully deflating it for 20 years. Young and enterprising are not many.


Vladimir Molofeev noted that Ukrainians should understand that we are not dealing with an opponent, but with the enemy. If someone agrees on the site or in the Parliament with the separatists, these people also become enemies. After separatists shoot at our soldiers, sometimes get. But we, said the officer, we get a lot more often. Because we have learned to fight.


The mood to go to Kiev in the Army has been since the summer. And it is in the Army. In the National Guard and volunteer battalions mood is even more stringent.


One of the problems is that there is no guardhouse in the Army. You cannot punish the offenders. They are just fired. Many who are afraid to fight specifically violate the statute, such as drunkenness, that they fired.


Commissars, according to Vladimir Malofeeva, are the same officials. And behave. During the last call one of them bought a new car – jeep. Now will be the new wave of mobilization. They say that it is written so many agendas. And it means that military commissars will have many new cars.


As for the order to advance, I doubt that this will not happen. Our fist is collected. This is understandable and the mood among the military. In addition, the Army cannot be held without action for a long time. It otherwise begins to decompose. But the war – it is also a TV, and the economy, and the exchange rate. Information war we have lost. In economics everything seems to be good for us now.


Army is created to kill or die. To kill in defense of their country, or to die for it. Those who agreed that order to carry out the rotation at the Donetsk airport via the post separatists – it’s just a shame and betrayal. These people should be engaged in counter-intelligence.


The local population in the Donbas for Ukraine and its Armed Forces set up very differently. The town, which stands near the unit, in which serves Vladimir Malofeev, corresponds roughly 50/50. Some people shake hands of Ukrainian military, others seem to want to spit after, but not solved. Near one of the checkpoints village – of which had left 60 percent of the population. Remained basically absolute separatists and 5 people who are for Ukraine, but carefully concealed it.


For all time there has never turned out the light. The inhabitants of the occupied territories enjoy free water and light. By bus you can easily get to the occupied territories. They travel to receive pensions and benefits to us, come back and laugh at what fools are “ukry”, we live at their expense.


Often come for a day or two to draw benefit refugees and returnees. Women with children go to a resort in Odessa, and their husbands are at war against us. Of course, a lot has increased in the Donbas Russians and insane cossacks.


Many there already understand that Russia is not so good, but also understand that there is no way back. They will fight to the end. Their personal end.