Ukrainian artists will hold a concert for the rehabilitation of cancer patients

viacheskav poliasnyi

Odesa, March 20, 2015 – Vyacheslav Polyasny, Head of State Administration of Health and Alex Gutmaher, founder and organizer of the Ukrainian-American charity project “НезабутняКвітка”, told at a briefing on the musical and rehabilitation program for cancer patients «Незабутня Квітка».


Vyacheslav Polyasny said that the project aims to psychological and moral support to people with cancer. At the initiative of Alex Gutmaher musical groups will hold a charity concert in Odesa Oncology Center. The purpose of the program – to show that oncology is not a sentence, but a chronic problem, with which you can live.


alex goodmaher

Alex Gutmaher told that joined the program the best artists of Ukraine. Today he with musicians and performers will visit Odesa Regional Oncology Center. In 1996, he came to the US, he being a patient with severe cancer. Underwent 11 cycles of chemotherapy, and still lives, trying to be useful for people.


The producer says he has no doubts that must survive and live. People with cancer have hardest test in life. God help them, and doctors. In each clinic, according to Alex Gutmaher should lay Bible. There should come the representatives of different religions and pray with patients. For them this support is very important. Himself, being sick with sarcoma, he came into the hall and played for patients, because he knew that it was important to these people.


Rehabilitation program, according to him, is no less important than treating by physicians. Forces, in his opinion, should be sought not only in prayer but also within themselves. Need a rod that must be maintained in order not to give the disease. Kacey Cisykherself, being seriously ill, wore a wig, make-up done and performed at the best scenes of New York, notwithstanding the pain, that she was undergoing chemotherapy.


Alex Gutmaher said that the first victory – a victory over yourself. People who are struggling, do not worry, they will win the disease. This belief producer wants to instill in patients of Oncology Center of Odesa.


Alex Gutmaher is a musician himself, so, too, will perform at the concert. Because, according to him, graduated in Odesa from everything that can be musical, and not play, so it might not be. He talked about his morning telephone conversation with the head physician of the clinic, in which he gladly reported that patients are already excited about the concert, preparing for it, dress up, women do hair and makeup.


A large number of women in Ukraine die from breast cancer. This happens because they aren’t made the diagnosis in time. For this purpose it is necessary to have regular check-ups with a doctor, do a mammogram. Alex Gutmaher urged all Ukrainian men to care about women, ask them to do a mammogram, track the status of their chest.


Producer thanked the regional government for what they have met and given the opportunity to hold a concert. With what eyes the patient’s will be watching the concert, and with what ears hear, according to Alex Gutmaher, without tears, it is impossible to sustain, but he will because he was one of them.


Alex Gutmaher urged everyone “to give here, because there you can take nothing”, and gave the example of seven Rockefellers, who built in New York Cancer Center. It is important to understand this in Odesa, in Ukraine. He wants to revive here the word “charity”, the desire to help one’s neighbor. That people have learned not only to put in their pocket, but also to get out of there. You have to give people a chance to survive and live.


The producer hopes that after the concert there will be hope for patients and the will to live.


Vyacheslav Polyasny noted that if the experiment is successful, similar events will be regular, probably will be held once or twice a month. Alex Gutmaher confirmed that they will try to make these activities scheduled, the Ministry of Health supports this initiative. Also oncological dispenser will invite representatives of different religions to visit the sick, talking with them, offer hope, consolation, allow talking.