Volunteers gave a car to the fighters of ATO




Vladimir Savchenko, a volunteer from organization “Spіlna meta”, told a news briefing that a month ago the volunteers announced the project, which aimed to raise money for the purchase of necessary cars for fighters in the area of ATO. And so, it was able to collect the necessary amount for one of them. Already have been purchased “Volkswagen Vento”. The car was tested and passed inspection, maintenance, and recently has been sent to the zone of ATO.

To collect the necessary sum, volunteers have made sweaters and notepads with national symbols, which are sold in different places. So was collected most of the required amount. The remaining donated vocalist of “Sun Shadow” Sergei Vasylyuk.

The next goal of the project is to buy a minibus for Ukrainian fighters of Volunteer Corps. These cars are very necessary because VUC is not recognized by the official authorities and has no supply. All are purchased by volunteers. Besides buying a minivan, activists plan to transfer some of the collected amount to the hospital to treat the wounded. To purchase the products of the project “Spіlna meta” you can on the stand in the University of Mechnikov, shop “Knigarnya – Kav’yarnya” in Ekaterininskaya St., 77, on the Internet. More details about the points of sale, Vladimir Savchenko promised to tell in the near future at a briefing in OCMC.