When Russian people came, Slovyansk became poor and hungry



Do not wait for Russian intellectuals; they will rob, humiliate and kill.

Elena Shestopalova, a journalist from the Slovyansk, said at a press briefing, as residents of this city lived during the occupation.

Slavyansk was occupied on April 12th. On this day, the Russian mercenaries seized the building of the city Department of Internal Affairs. And from the first day the life in the city, according to Elena Shestopalova, began to resemble a surreal movie.

City for a while lived the same life, but in the neighborhood were already going people with guns and masks. At first, they were polite, but it did not stop them pointedly demonstrate weapons.

Then everything began to develop rapidly and has changed so dramatically that, according to Elena Shestopalova, the city and its residents will never be the same again.

In the city changed the authorities. Instead of glossing officials there were people from out of nowhere, talking in prison slang and not much look back at the law. A typical example – the “people’s mayor Ponomarev” is a man with criminal manners and fumes, brandishing a gun at the meetings of the executive committee.

In the city became more and more militants and fewer vehicles, especially cars. Militants took them “to the needs of the militia.” People began to leave the city. He greatly changed before our eyes. On the streets were built barricades of tires and concrete blocks. Population actively helped militants in this. Many were waiting for Russia to come and they will live just as in an earthly paradise.

But instead, the city came to shelling, and then many sobered up. Fighters were coming, and with them increased the number of robberies. In parallel, in the city began to disappear food and money. People have stopped receiving salaries and pensions. The militants took “to the needs of the militia,” almost all from the apartments, including lingerie, toys and toothpaste.

After two militants were trying to take away Elena’s car, she had to hide it in the garage of a friend.

At the same time, many continue to support the rebels. Many of them simply spared, considering the poor unfortunate people who can finally justice for themselves from the rich and corrupt. People like statements of Girkin and Ponomarev that they would shoot the criminals in the square without trial. Putin fans were waiting for him, his name, wrote posters, and Satan came.

According to the observations of the journalist, many of the militants were really uneducated poor people, almost from the “wheeled bin”, and with getting a gun, they felt the power, they tried to avenge all the early offense, and get all of what they have been previously deprived.

They were the face of “Russian world” in Slovyansk. “Do not think – says Elena Shestopalova that in the city will come Basilashvili or MSU professors. No one knows who will come, and will command all … They will beat you, rob, kill and humiliate. ”

The city, during the occupation, was full of Russian journalists. But they talked only with locals, loyal to the militants. Other point of view was not accepted by them. Local journalists also hid their identity away, because they could, due to them, get to the torture of militants.

Foreseeing the bad, people stockpiled food and money. But the money ran out very quickly, because in the absence of supply prices for all grew very quickly. Full fridge quickly emptied too. Elena Shestopalova told that almost all the residents of Slovyansk were much thinner during the occupation.

Many developed fears of loud noises and broken windows because it is associated, with the shelling. People, just in a few days, learn to identify – shoot near or far, exploding mines projectiles, rockets, or “Grad”.

Children discuss among themselves, where it is better to hide from the attacks, in the basement of what houses.

Now Slovyansk are living wary. Importantly, what the locals want – if only there was no war. But there are those who want DNR to return. They pity them. These people “lived near the trash can” and will continue to live there. And, having received weapons feel important chiefs. One of the militants said – “What trendy am I, with a gun.” But it must be clearly understood that will not come any intelligent Russians, will come “Ponomarevs”, hungry for power at any cost and eager to risedue toothers.