In a year in Odessa will be thousands of new trees

anatoly kavun

Anatoly Kavun, social activist, told at a briefing on the new social project on gardening and landscaping of Odessa “Green City”.

The key idea of ​​the project, according to Anatoly Kavun, is that greening initiative should not come from the city authorities, namely “Gorzelentrest”, who always do not have the resources, but from citizens of Odessa themselves .

The mechanism of the project works like this: citizens, visiting the website, can found in what area of ​​the city it is necessary to plant the trees. There also will specify the types of trees that are already growing in the area. Then there on the website, you can make a claim, how much and where trees should be planted.

There, in the project resources can be ordered directly from the nursery seedlings, at below market prices.

According to Anatoly Kavun, already received applications from citizens of Odessa on the landing of two thousand trees. The price of one seedling varies from 150 to 300 UAH. it is, in fact, already small trees, height 2.5 – 3 m.

Such attention to the project from the citizens gives every reason to believe that by the end of the year will be able to plant trees and shrubs all the streets that need the planting of greenery. Then, in the plans – landscaping of parks. The project organizers want landscaping to be the most voluminous and extend from the soul.

Will take part in the project of greening the city also the city authorities. After receiving applications from citizens of Odessa, “Green City” will bind to the “Gorzelentrest” to match the number and type of trees planted. Moreover, the utility can also provide their employees, who will land the trees.

Anatoly Kavun hopes that Odessa people will plant trees, share it in social networks, send greetings, and others, inspired by their example, also will support the initiative by turning it into a kind of «GreenPlanetChallenge». Ideally, the organizers would like to see the initiative go beyond our city and has spread not only throughout the Ukraine, but also other countries.

After planting the streets and parks of Odessa Anatoly Kavun is thinking about improvement of the city. Search for patrons so that in Odessa appear  benches and fountains. Themselves social activists take on the coordination of initiatives with the authorities.