Zenyk from Maidan, “We have enough gunmen, but soldiers with guitars are not so many”


Zinovy Medyuh, the representative “Nіchna Varta” of Maidan, I Battalion of National Guard, 12th hundreds of Maidan Self-Defense, said at a briefing on the importance of the ideological and propaganda work among the population in the area of ​​ATO.

In Ukraine Zinovy Medyuh is known as Zenyk from Maidan. November 26 he left home for bread, but didn’t return, and went to Kiev on Maidan, where he stayed from November 26, 2013 by June 2014. Since the early days of Russia’s attack in March 2014 he enlisted in the National Guard. He participated in the ATO, defended hill Karachun near Slavyansk. But because of the age, he said, he was asked to fight better with a guitar to raise the morale of the fighters. “Machine gunners there are a lot, and people with guitars lacking” – joked singer-volunteer.

He has even a certificate specifically for checkpoints, which states that the musician is directed to the area of ATO to conduct propaganda work.

Since then, he and fellow musicians are touring the East of the country, in the cities, villages, military units and roadblocks.

Volunteers perform original songs about Maidan, Karachun, and Cossacks. People in the area of ​​ATO, civilians and military, welcome any artist, if they heartily present their creativity. There are other values, no consumerism, and people feel, if creativity comes from the soul, or not. Indeed, in the first place they have mutual support.

But there are no campaign work and counter Russian propaganda in Donbas. Everything is on the initiative of ordinary Ukrainians.

But, despite this, optimism adds that, at any school, according to Zinovy Medyuh, that you come, whether this is Lviv, Kharkiv, or village in Donbas, children everywhere on welcome “Glory to Ukraine!” answer “to the Heroes of Glory!”, everywhere children have the same emotions, the fuse. This shows that we have one Ukraine and one road. From older is still possible to meet rejection, anger.

But the young people should be aware that on the road to the future, we must not forget those, who have always remained at Maidan and in the trenches of ATO, who have given Ukraine the most valuable thing they had, their lives. If we will remember them, there will be the prospects for the country, will be development.